Dejisuta Hachioji

About the studio


The studio allows the production of multimedia contents which can be used for any kinds of media, including product images, videos and narrations, at budget prices.
It is a multimedia studio with a total size of 1,013m². It consists of a full range of a white backdrop studio, a green backdrop studio, a kitchen studio and an editing room. At the studio, you can create various types of original materials, spanning from package shooting, sizzle videos, image photos to cooking videos, from small to large sizes.


facility キッチンスタジオ グリーンバックスタジオ 白ホリスタジオ メイク室 MAスタジオ 映像編集室 無料駐車場

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kitchen studio42.41m² (approx. 27 tatami sheets)

The studio is available for creating cooking-related materials. Both cooking and photo-shooting can be performed in the studio.

Haier Florence White Amore JR-NF340A-W
Microwave oven
Toshiba Stone Kiln ER-RD7-W
Rice cooker
Mitsubishi Pure White Binchotan Charcoal Cooker NJ-VE108
Desktop type IH cooker
YAMAZEN desktop type IH cooker white IH-L1300
Electric kettle
Cooking scale
Tanita digital cooking scale 3kg / 0.1g KD-320-WH
Cooking utensils, tableware are available (confirmation required)

See here for a list of kitchen studio equipment


chroma key studio
64m²(approx. 41 tatami sheets)
Chroma key area:W700xD700xH270 cm

Chroma key compositing, a technique for revealing an image behind another, is available for shooting with a green backdrop.


3R white studio
22.94m² (approx. 14 tatami sheets)
White backdrop area:W350xD500xH340 cm

A studio with a three-sided white backdrop, in which white walls are gradually connected to the white floor. Shooting can be performed on a white background without issues.

Shooting-related equipment
SONY HDV Camcorder HVR-Z5J x 2 unit
SONY Memory Recording Unit HVR-MRC1K x 2 unit
SanDisk Extreme PRO CF 160MB / S 64GB x 5 unit
SONY Accessory Kit ACCKIT-D12B (L battery x 2 unit, Charger x 1 unit)
PANDASTUDIO PANDA LED 500 DMX x35(CRI>95 AC100V DC12V Power consumption 30W Size:365x350x40mm)
GTD-LYS200 Ⅱ CW/WW x10
GTD-LYS200 Ⅱ CW/WW x10
Century Stand A2033LJCB 40inch x 20
GIN-ICHI / GP6060AC 4m Light Stan x 6
Manfrotto / Combi Boom Stand x 2
Manfrotto / Light Boom Stands x 3
Camera stand
Manfrotto / 509hd, 545bk / 509hd, 545bk
Manfrotto / Video Kit Twin GS Type 509 HD. 545 GBK
SANTEC SP Weight 8kg x 10
GIN-ICHI / Multiweight 3kg x 6
Manfrotto / Counterweight 4.3kg x 6
Board reflector
Light up / Board reflector 95 x 80
Suntech / SP Rollref II A R-180 x 3
Background paper stand
Manfrotto / background paper support system 1314B x 5
Set paper
SETPAPER (set paper) full 2.72 x 25 m # 27 (Kelly Green) x 3
SETPAPER (set paper) full 2.72 x 25 m # 70 (Eco white) x 2
Chroma key
Lastolite / LC5787 / LC5787 reversible chroma key curtain x 1
Flat panel 3x6 x 3
Original Blackout 2x3m x 1
Falglove (heat resistant) x 1


fitting powder room10.58m² (approx. 7 tatami sheets)

The studio is equipped with a fitting & powder room which has a shower in the room.


MA studio12.89m² (approx. 8 tatami sheets)

5.1Mix is supported. In the MA studio, dubbing can be simultaneously performed with 3 people, as well as recording.

Main computer
Apple / Mac ProCPU: Xeon E5 3.0 GHz 8 core memory 16GB
KENSINGTON / SlimBlade Trackball 72327JP
AVID / Pro Tools Mac Keyboard
Monitor display
LG / 4K 27inch x 2
Audio interface
ANTELOPE / Orion Studio HD
DAW software
AVID / Protools | Ultimate
STEINBERG / Cubase , Nuendo
Speaker 5.1 system
Genelec / 8330 APM Reference Speaker x 5
Genelec / 7350A Subwoofer
IK MULTIMEDIA / iLoud Micro Monitor
Physical controller
AVID / Protools | Dock Control Surface
AVID / Artist Mix
APPLE / iPad 9.7inch (for physical controller)
Dynamic microphone
SHURE / SM57 x 3
Condenser microphon
NUEMANN / U87Ai x 3
Pop guard
SONY / MDR-CD900ST x 3
Inner ear monitor
SONY / MDR-EX800ST x 1
MIDI keyboard


editing room

The editing room is equipped with advanced compute

Main computer
(DAIV-DQZ510U1-GNCH Desktop PC)
OS:Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU: Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-7700K processor4 cores / 8 threads / 4.20 GHz / up to TB 4.50 GHz / 8 MB
Memory: 64GB Memory16GB x 4 (PC4-19200 / DDR4-2400)
SSD:512GB NVM Express SSD
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro P5000 / 16GBDisplayPort x 4 / DVI-D
Motherboard: Intel (R) Z270 chipsetATX / SATA 6 Gbps compatible port x 6 / M. 2 slot x 1


Free Parking

Our parking lot with a capacity of 6 stalls can be used for free.


Access by car:
  • Chuodo: Eifuku → Hachioji IC (about 35 minutes), about 16 minutes from Hachioji IC
  • Kenodo: Eijiku → Hachioji Nishi IC (about 45 minutes), about 13 minutes from Hachioji Nishi IC
Access by train:
  • JR Chuo Line (IC card 550 yen): Shinjuku → Takao
    - Commuter Express: About 44 minutes / Chuo Express: about 46 minutes / Oume Express: about 46 minutes / Express: about 55 minutes
  • Keio Line (IC card 360 yen): Shinjuku → Takao
    - Limited express: about 44 minutes
Access by bus:
  • Outbound: Takao Station North Exit (North Exit No. 3 stop) → Jigoji (12 minutes by bus, 7-min walk from the bus stop)
    - Nishi Tokyo Bus: [Moto hachi 03 / Moto hachi 04] Bound for Keio Hachioji Station 270 yen
  • Inbound: From Jigoji
    - Nishi Tokyo Bus: [Moto hachi 03 / Moto hachi 04] Takao Station South Exit (via Takao Station North exit) 270 yen
    - Nishi Tokyo Bus: [Ue 02 / Moto hachi 21] Bound for Nishi Hachioji Station (via Chuodo Bus Stop) 220 yen
Access by taxi:
  • Takao Station → Studio (10 minutes by taxi, about 1800 yen)
    Taxi reservation:
    - Capital Transportation Co., Ltd. TEL: +81-42-691-2222
    - Hachioji Kotsu Jigyo Co.,Ltd. TEL: +81-42-623-5111
    - Takatetsu Kotsu Co., Ltd. TEL: +81-42-661-7211

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Cakes and Sweets
Chateraise Moto Hachioji branch (2 minutes by car) (9:00-21:00)

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digitudio model department

digitudio,Inc. which is the managing company, has a dedicated model department.
Models in the department can help you promote your products.